Finial Moment

This struck a chord with me and I had to share.

Friends and I enjoyed brunch the other day. Afterwards, I suggested we stop by the local antique store to see what was new…

No one got the joke…
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Finial Moment


Thinking of others…

Working in retail is a funny thing, it is not quite Halloween and all our Christmas stock is coming in. I have no problem with getting all the stock, but I do have a problem with putting it out for purchase. I was raised by an older generation and respect for others was high on the list of being the right thing to do. Wait until after Veteran’s Day to decorate for the holidays, show these people that you remember what they have done for us. 

If you would like a handmade poppy I am selling them for $25 each and all the proceeds will go to the Veterans.  


My day job is a retail shop girl extraordinaire. It is so quiet in the mall right now that if there were crickets you could hear them chirping. Where is everyone? Where are the tourists? Isn’t an Okanagan summer THE destination of destinations? Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. 

Find your sunshine!

Hey! That’s my line!!! My sister and I were texting the other day about finding any small thing to find happiness. She beat me to the blog post. 😉


Find your sunshine! Find your sunshine!

Life can be hard and it can be dark. Sometimes it takes a new perspective to see the light that is present to you everyday.

Everyone of us have hard rocks in the paths on our journeys, we may not see them, and they may trip us. But look up from that journey everyday, breathe and look for the the is there in the most unexpected places.

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The last flowers of the summer

Sunday’s are my favourite day of the week. 

Sleeping in. Tea and toast in bed with a good book. Lazy Sunday mornings with the ones you love the most curled up in a messy nest of blankets. Stories and giggles to start the day. 

Today is one of the last Sunday’s of the summer, and today I made flowers for my hair. To remind me, in the cold dregs of winter, of the glorious summer sun waiting for the petals of the summer flowers to reach for the golden rays. 


There are no words….

The gift of separation…

We were driving around town just enjoying being together. We see each other so rarely. Most couples get to see each other on a daily basis, but we have been given the gift of separation. Work, family responsibilities, and many miles separate our physical forms, but our thoughts entwine constantly.

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